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Mr. Smeet Thakkar
Mr. Shreyan Mehta


LinkedIn Networking


Business Development

Asambhav Solutions is an engineering focus IT services company. They are a truly Indian company with Indian vibe. They believe in the combination of best client satisfaction and best-engineered product.

They are a one-stop solution for all your IT needs including but not limited to: Web designing and makeover, Rebranding, App development, IoT services, Automation services, DevOps Services, Design Services, etc. They have recently also started to work in AI and ML services.

Considering our dedication and ability to execute the lead generation process effectively, they relied on us for Business Development Services. We started with approaching the clients on LinkedIn and tried finding the right prospective clients suitable for Asambhav Solutions.

Leads Generated

We generated numerous number of leads in the first month and we delivered around 2 projects to Asambhav in first month itself. LinkedIn Networking is one of the most powerful tools for Lead generation and we used it for Asambhav Solutions and saw great results.

First Closure

The first project was about a very short but complex task. A Canadian client had a multi-vendor platform and they were facing issues on the payment. The payment was not getting into the vendor’s account and it was creating alot of issues for the client. We had a couple of meetings with the client and the technical head of Asambhav. Client was really impressed by the solutions given by Asambhav. The project was finalized and completed in only one week.

This project was closed in $400.

Second Closure

The next project we offered to Asambhav Solutions was about a UK based team who wanted a dedicated resource who expertise in Firebase/Firestore with Redux Scripting. The team was facing many issues in their Agriculture based Marketplace which was developed majorly for Farmers in developing countries.

This lead was generated from LinkedIn. Client wanted to have a technical discussion initially which was conducted by Asambhav Solutions and The Universal. After the technical discussion a Demo project was assigned to Asambhav just to check out how well they can execute the project. It was a one month project and it was submitted successfully.

This project was closed in $2600. We are still in talks with the client for the dedicated resource allocation and as we have completed the demo project successfully, the client is keen to give us the project on dedicated basis after they complete their internal rounds of discussion. We are hopeful to close that project very soon.


We were hired as the business development managers who’ll help the Asambhav reach new heights. We offered 2 projects in a month and even have the potential to serve more. We were glad to work with team Asambhav. Effective Technical Skills, timely delivery, and great communication skills were a few of their qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

Revenue Generated for Asambhav Solutions - $3000