Mr. Smeet Thakkar
Mr. Karan Shah


Handling Bidding Portals


Business Development

SoluteLabs is a high-performance team focused on mobile and web design and development; they have produced top #10 chart-topping applications on Android and iOS app stores, graphics that have gone viral and applications with Millions of downloads.

They understand your needs and walk an extra mile; clients recommend them for their through understanding, communication, ownership of the work, quality and adherence to the timelines given to them. They were looking for a Business Development Executive for their firm and as we came across their requirement, we immediately contacted them and explained our Business Model. They agreed to hire us after a couple of meetings.

Work Strategy

As we started operating their Upwork Profile we came across that SoluteLabs has done an amazing job in Flutter Framework so we focussed more on projects related to Flutter. Sending proposals on daily basis from Upwork was the only approach we opted for, to generate maximum leads for SoluteLabs. Our Target was to send minimum 30 Proposals Per Day.

First Closure

The first project that we closed for SoluteLabs was for a US based client who wanted to develop a Mobile App in Flutter. The Mobile App majorly focussed on planning outside gatherings, dinner, outings, events, movie nights, etc. The client was keen to use Flutter for his Mobile Application and as SoluteLabs had a decent portfolio in Flutter the client wanted to have a couple of meetings to discuss it in detail.

After 2-3 meetings with the client, we handed him our detailed proposal with the featured list, time estimate, commercials, terms and conditions and all the relevant information. We approached the client aggressively after we sent our detailed proposal and finally the client agreed on moving forward with SoluteLabs to execute this project.

This project was closed in $4000. SoluteLabs completed this project within the given timeline and client was quite satisfied with the work delivered.


We were appointed as the official business development managers of SoluteLabs for quite a short time. We delivered what we promised and ensured a satisfactory client relationship. We timely operated their Upwork Profiles to gain more visibility on the platform and as a result there was an increase of invitations seen from the clients on Upwork. It had been a pleasure working with SoluteLabs. We hope to serve them again in near future.

Revenue Generated for SoluteLabs- $4,000