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Mr. Smeet Thakkar
Mr. Bhashit Pandya


Handling Bidding Portals


Business Development

Ownux Infosec is one of the leading cybersecurity company offering services like quality assurance, ethical hacking, and network assessment. They hold years of experience in serving their loyal clients with mobile app and web app testing, identifying and resolving network issues, offering cybersecurity against breaches, and more. They are a one-stop destination for all digital security needs. They had a really strong portfolio showcasing their past work and remarkable achievements. They were seeking professional aid for business development. Checking on to their business background and expertise in the field, we decided to collaborate and add few chapters into their success story.

We were been contacted and they were extremely impressed by our past work. Considering our dedication and ability to execute the lead generation process effectively, they relied on us. We started with making their online bidding profiles on various platforms as they did not have a presence on the prominent bidding websites where genuine work requirements are posted every second. Though they were new to the platform, their experience in their field was enough to speak for them.

Leads Generated

Initially, we generated around 50 qualified leads in just a month. The next task we accomplished was preparing proposals for the leads and sending them with a copy of Ownux Infosec’s portfolio. By the end of the first month of our collaboration, we offered them 2 projects with remarkable profit margins.

First Closure

The first project was about the ethical hacking, received from Upwork. An Indian client required the service and he was impressed with the skill set of the team of professionals at Ownux Infosec. This project was closed in $500.

Second Closure

The next project we offered to Ownux Infosec was about quality assurance (penetration testing) of a web and mobile application needed by a client from the UK. We received it from Peopleperhour. The client was about to receive a mobile and website application to his users. But before that, he wanted to ensure that the mobile and web application is completely error-free and for that, he required a team of experts, who could help him with that. We proposed a quotation with cost and time estimation. The deal was finalized and the project was allotted after a successful technical meeting with the experts. The team then started working on the requirements and the website and mobile application were tested successfully before its launch date. This project was closed in $3000.


We were hired as the business development managers who’ll help the business reach new heights. We delivered what we promised. We offered 2 projects in a month and even had the potential to serve more. We were glad to work with team Ownux Infosec and share the names on our portfolios. Effective coordination, timely delivery, time management, and efficient strategies were a few of their qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

Revenue Generated for Ownux InfoSec - $3500