Mr. Smeet Thakkar
Mr. Tejas Nair
Mrs. Remya Mohanan


Handling Bidding Portals


Business Development

Eighpetals is an integrated agency providing offering 360-degree branding, advertising & marketing services to their client for 10 years. The majority of their clients belong to the industries like Education, Real Estate, Finance, Media, FMCG, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Architecture & Interior Products, Logistics, IT, ESports, Government Agencies, Security, Fashion, Hospitality, F&B, etc. They were seeking professional assistance for business development service for growing globally and we decided to help the organization with expert aid.

The deal turned out to be fruitful and we were hired as the official business development partners. We managed their online bidding profiles on Upwork in the initial stage. Slowly and steadily we moved ahead and gathered around 20 qualified leads in the first month. Then we initiated the process of conversion through email communication and cold calling. We managed to get the conversion from the received leads. It resulted in acquiring projects and our customers were extremely happy with the acquired results. We were immensely pleased in offering remarkable customer satisfaction.

Leads Generated

Once we received the potential leads, we prepared an impressive proposal stating the capabilities of EightPetals. We had sent the proposals along with the portfolio showcasing their past work. Three projects were allotted overall.

First Closure

The first project was about the requirement of a brand’s digital platform manager to run social media campaigns, create sales funnels, design and implement email marketing strategies, influencer marketing, content management/marketing, designing and developing a website design, and craft impressive UI/UX.

The client was impressed with the professional portfolio and wished to take the communication to the next level. A technical meeting was arranged and a detailed proposal was submitted by the EightPetals given the client requirement. Finally, the website development task was initiated and we ensured the professional relationship was maintained throughout the project.

This Project was closed in $2000.

Second Closure

Another project was the ‘logo design project’, which was done by talented graphic designers. The projects allotted were completed in the given time frame. This lead was generated by LinkedIn Networking. Client was quite impressed by the EightPetals Portfolio. They immediately agreed to work with our team. This project was closed in $850.

This project was closed in $850.

Third Closure

The next project was about Catalogue Design for a Jewelry Company based in Japan. The client posted his requirements on Upwork. Our team got in touch with the client directly via Email. We tried approaching the client multiple times but client didn’t respond at first. After approaching him for some more time, he agreed to get on a call and discuss on his requirements. Client was quite impressed with their portfolio and the skillset showcased by EightPetals. Finally client agreed to go ahead with EightPetals to design their Catalogue.

This project was closed by $650.


As one of the leading business development companies, we were hired to assist EightPetals to grow their business into the world market. We were part of the complete process. Right from the proposal sending to the bid closing, we participated in every step. We helped the company with lead generation, conversion, website development project, and a graphic design project. EightPetals on the other hand are excellent communicators and a smart development company. They delivered the project right on time and received great appreciation from their foreign client.

Revenue Generated for EightPetals- $3,500