Smeet Thakkar

General Manager
Lead business development manager
8 Years
+1 800 123 456 789
+1 800 987 654 321

Meet the Talent Behind

Since the initiation of ‘The Universal’, we have experienced several ups and downs. Despite the unevenness, we never thought of stepping back. We rather learned from the mistakes and kept moving till we achieved our milestones. Gaining much of the expertise in knowing the industry from every closed facet, we are all set to face any challenge. A definite solution to every situation will be our answer.

Software development companies trusting our process will be assured that a promised result will be offered, despite all the odds.

Professional Skills

Business Developers
Lead Managers

Early Years

A story started with an idea of a startup that popped my head back in 2015. After looking to the great opportunities in the business development industry, I decided to upgrade my skills by adding bidding profile management, profile optimization, lead generation, business assistance, social media handles, email marketing, and cold calling. I emphasized the learning part initially as I believed that excelling skills need smart work and self-belief. Setting up a business journey wasn’t easy but the right path makes it worth moving.

Career Guidelines

With an engineering background, I had a dream of breaking the barriers. Soon, I realized working 9to5 wouldn’t help me in fulfilling my dreams. Thus, I decided to extend my boundaries by researching the potential possibilities. One such opportunity was business development, which had both scope and authority that I was expecting in a career option. I started exploring the industry by working for an IT company in the initial stage. The amount of knowledge and understanding was tremendous. A business plan was then derived considering the ride may not be smooth but the destination will surely be beautiful.

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